RW INNOVATION — It’s time to change
the way you develop
your product

Donut chart picturing that 90% of products fail within 3 years.

10 000 new products every year

With the growth of alternative delivery channels, it has never been easier to launch a new product, but it has never been more difficult to make it a success.

Do the right things in the right way

We provide ingredient suppliers and consumer goods producers with the technical expertise and market insight necessary for successful product innovation. Based on the best practices of over 50 leading manufacturers, we support clients to do the right things in the right way.

Needs discovery

Identifying where innovation can be most effective.

Innovation strategy

Growing your business with successful new products and services.

Project management

Delivery of your successful new product or service.

  1. Focussing your innovation programme around client & consumer needs
  2. Exploring new approaches and business models to deliver growth
  3. Optimising how you use your resources to effectively deliver new products and services
  4. Organising your innovation effort to deliver both radical & sustaining innovations
  5. Developing collaborative innovation to deliver new products & services more quickly

  1. Focusing on the jobs your clients need your product or service to do for them
  2. Identifying your clients’ ‘pain-points’ and how to resolve these successfully and profitably
  3. Agile development & rapid testing to learn quickly and adapt to your clients’ expectations
  4. Saving time & money through better understanding of your clients’ expectations & opportunities
  5. On target innovation by meeting your clients’ expectations

  1. Hands-on leadership to effectively deliver your innovative new product or service
  2. Application of best-practice in structuring & advancing your project
  3. Experienced & proven leadership of your project team
  4. Bringing together the necessary means & skills to complete your project on-time
  5. A solid track record in on-target delivery of new product innovations
Illustration of what do clients really want? Keywords: job to be done, pain points, design thinking, right to play & right to win.


What do your clients really want?

We help you find out what is important to your customers and to identify their needs and expectations.

Illustration of how to deliver successful new products and serviceis? Keywords: new business model, lean testing, collaborative development, radical versus sustaining innovation.


How can you deliver successful new products and services?

We support the development of your successful new product or service.

Our clients

A lifetime’s expertise

Russell Ward founded RW INNOVATION in 2008 to provide ingredient & consumer goods producers with the expertise to rapidly turn ideas into successful products.
Clients include small or medium sized enterprises, business units and divisions of major ingredient manufacturers around the world.

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